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Massage & Yoga combo

Autumn special

Stay relaxed through the autumn with regular yoga practice and mindful touch.

In fact, yoga and massage help really well against flu infections and strengthen our immune system. A regular yoga practice together with mindful touch can increase the proportion of immune cells flowing in the blood by up to 15 percent. Both have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, stress-inhibiting effects and promote body substances that have a regenerative effect. They also promote blood circulation and have a positive effect on it Lymphatic system, the intestines and the immune-boosting glands.


We would like to support you in going through the autumn and winter months calmly - keeping your body and mind in balance, releasing energy blockages and reducing stress.


Our autumn offer for you: 

1 massage of 90 minutes each

+ unlimited participation in all yoga courses for CHF 200.- |  valid from October 24th to December 23rd, 2022


So that existing yoginis can also benefit from the offer, existing subscriptions may be frozen until the end of December 23, 2022.


>>> Take advantage of the offer now:

Pay the contribution via Twint to 078 712 88 48 / 079 820 42 77 or via e-banking to CH85 8080 8006 5543 7296 4 / Raiffeisenbank Freiburg Ost and receive yours immediatelyunlimited yoga subscription + 1 massage 90'


We look forward to seeing you !

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