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Discover Your Magical Superpower

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Gain more harmony and self-confidence through your personal realignment. Have the courage to stand up for yourself, lovingly and with great patience, to follow your very own path. Free yourself from old thought patterns and expectations. Learn to allow and accept emotions and feelings without judging them, recognize personal boundaries, and stand up for your personal values.


Very often, one lacks the external perspective on the big picture. Coaching helps you sort out your life and initiate change processes. We motivate and inspire you to make various changes.



Are self-doubt and discomfort your constant companions? Once dissatisfaction has settled in, it's hard to shake it off. The pressure, both private and professional, increases, physical and psychological problems escalate. Are you stressed and can't see the forest for the trees?


Do you long to change something in your life but always find excuses not to do it?

- Do you want a happy and fulfilling partnership?

- The long-desired professional change?

- A fulfilled life?

- Finally find your inner peace?

- Or just success and quality of life?


The personally tailored Niyama Coaching (1-3 months) helps you step by step to bring your system into harmony and balance. You will feel how your inner feeling changes when you allow yourself to let go and accept yourself unconditionally. Your primal energy can thus activate, and your body & mind relax. The personalized sessions build on each other and help to realign your system step by step and gradually bring you back to your heart's path. The basis for this is unconditional acceptance of oneself, recognizing personal boundaries, setting them, and developing the necessary courage to communicate these. The coaching will support you in integrating new rituals into your daily routine, you will receive various tools to calm your nervous system and sustainably reduce your anxiety and stress levels.


If you would like to learn more about this, you have the option of a free 30-minute personal initial consultation.

We offer NIYAMA COACHING for teenagers and adults.


Niyama Coaching 1 month 550.-

- 3 sessions of 60 minutes each, online or live

- Various tools for self-regulation (Breathwork, yoga poses, EFT)

- 1 NeuroTouch session (Trauma-Release Massage) of 90 minutes

- 1 Forest Reset (mental hygiene)

- SOS immediate assistance via WhatsApp, once a week


Niyama Coaching 3 months 1500.-

- 6 sessions of 60 minutes each, online or live

- Various tools for self-regulation (Breathwork, yoga poses, EFT)

- 3 NeuroTouch sessions (Trauma-Release Massage) of 90 minutes

- 3 Forest Resets (mental hygiene)

- SOS immediate assistance via WhatsApp, once a week

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