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Rebalance Your System


With loving and conscious touch, we welcome you just as you are in this moment. With all your feelings and stories - your being. Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic bodywork that acts like gentle medicine, touching, moving, and harmonizing all layers of our being. It opens a door to a new world full of devotion, love, and emotions that convey security and well-being.


Thai Yoga Massage is a gentle form of pressure application, passive stretching, and joint mobilization. The slow sinking into the tissue calms the nervous system and leads the body and mind into deep relaxation and regeneration. Targeted massage along the Sen lines dissolves energy blockages and activates our self-healing powers.

Thai Yoga Massage leads to overall well-being and acts both preventively and therapeutically: Preventively, Thai Yoga Massage gets the body's energy flow moving, promotes circulation, improves digestion, breathing, posture, and flexibility, and releases tension. On the therapeutic side, Thai Massage can have a positive effect on various conditions: back pain, headaches, digestive issues, stress, insomnia, nervous imbalances, and tensions.


The massage is performed in comfortable clothing, without the use of oils and lotions.


60min.  100.-  |  90min.  130.-  |  120min.  160.-


What could be more beautiful than receiving relaxation and mindful touch in these hectic times? From now on, you can order gift vouchers (in German or French) for a Thai Yoga Massage from us by phone, WhatsApp, or email. Also, check out our shop.


Information & Appointment Inquiry

078 712 88 48 Frenzy (Kleingurmels FR)

079 820 42 77 Steffi (Oberwangen BE)


"The Thai Yoga Massage was amazing! It's deeply relaxing, soothing, and regenerative, accompanied by beautiful music. Fränzi moves the body with sensitivity and focus, creating a space of silence and expansiveness, security, and joy!" Eva M.

"A moment of well-being in a warm atmosphere, under professional hands." Francine V.

"A warm welcome, a friendly smile, and then respectful, discreet, and expert body guidance! A weight has been lifted off me, I left this massage feeling present in my body and light-headed! Thank you." Estelle H.

"I made a rather spontaneous appointment for a Thai Yoga massage and went without knowing what to expect. What a pleasant surprise 🙏🏼 it's a massage that's nothing like a classic massage or any other massages I've experienced, there's a deep relaxation that sets in during the massage, and the movements are fluid and calm. I really liked it and I thank Frenzy for her kindness and professionalism!" Romana V.


"A beautiful and unique experience. It moved something inside me. Thank you very much." Lissu S.


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