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Gentle Yin Yoga

Meditative yoga for all levels

A gentle practice with sitting or lying passive asanas that are held for a little longer. The body is gently stretched and realigned.


Relaxing yoga is very meditative and has a relaxing effect; on a physical level, stubborn adhesions in the connective tissue and energy blockages are released. Suitable for beginners and experienced users – even with physical limitations.

Be You Yoga Düdingen | Murten, Steffi Altermatt, Urdva Mukha Shvanasana


Intuitive, playful, without any claim to perfection

Continuous creative movements with different options combine different asanas (postures) into a constant flow.

Go according to your feeling and feel what your body needs right now.


The Intuitive Flow lesson is suitable for beginners and advanced users.

Be You Yoga Düdingen | Murten, Eka pada rajakapotasana, Taube, Yin Yoga, Sanftes Yoga 65+
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Attitude, Alignment, Action

Anusara Yoga is a young form of Hatha Yoga and means flowing with grace and following your heart.

Anusara is a life- and body-affirming yoga style that inspires both beginners and advanced practitioners with its precise alignment and a philosophy of “opening the heart.”

Be You Yoga Düdingen | Murten, Vrikshasana
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