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Be You Team

Welcome to BE YOU, our shared space of unfolding, where Yoga meets the art of Thai Yoga Massage alongside the profound practices of Breathwork, Coaching, and Reading. Steffi and Frenzy, two souls who found each other during their Teacher Training in Bern, have since walked hand in hand on this wonderful path of self-discovery and mutual empowerment.

Our meeting, characterized by intense conversations, plenty of humor, and a deep connection, has evolved into a fruitful and nurturing collaboration.

Together, we have decided to combine our strengths and unite our individual energies to bring all our potentials to the outside world and creatively contribute to our community.

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Through yoga I can arrive in the here and now, feel the connection between heaven and earth and trust my heart completely. Yoga is my wonderful source of inspiration and joy of life.


This fascinating journey to my own balance is a path that never ends.


I look forward to sharing these experiences with you on the mat.



On my journey, which took me from dance to yoga, from Thai yoga massage to breathwork and coaching, I learned to nourish the inner sun and feel my strength. Each practice is a step deeper into the world of self-discovery and personal growth.

Immerse yourself in my world of mindfulness and personal development. Learn to discover and use your own inner strength.


I look forward to walking this path together with you.

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