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Hey, I'm Frenzy...

...Music, dance and nature accompanied my path to self-discovery, starting with African dance in 1998, which inspired me for over a decade. After the birth of my child in 2005, yoga became my faithful companion. The deep connection I found led me to yoga teacher training in Bern in 2019/20 - a transformative decision.

My journey took a formative turn when I indulged in the fascinating practices of Thai Yoga Massage and Breathwork. These profound experiences opened up new paths to mindful touch and deep awareness for me. The somatic experiences with breathwork, which Steffi brought to me with great sensitivity, gave my practice a new, profound dimension.

I invite you to explore these diverse forms of movement and being with me - from mantra singing to yoga and coaching to female workshops and reading. Together we open spaces for healing, creativity and personal growth.

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My teachers:

- Heidi Aemisegger, Ashtanga/Jivamukti Bern

- Janet Orzechowski, Anusara Bern

- Barbra Noh, Strength & Grace Yoga Munich

- Daniela Renoud, Klang & Meditation Bern

- and many more..

I would like to thank all the wonderful teachers who accompany and inspire me on my path.

My training:

2023  Somatic Breathwork Experience

Jon Paul Crimi, ​Stefanie Altermatt, Theresa Blueder

2022  TYM Dynamic, Deep & Cranio Elements

Thill Heeg, Hanuman Hands, Basel


2021  Thai Yoga Massage & Therapy 123h

Navina® Thai Yoga Therapy, Toronto CA

2020 Therapeutic Yoga & Ayurveda  44h

Teacher Training with Barbra Noh, Anusara Yoga

2020 Neuro Yoga® Embodied Science

Basic course with Stéphanie Maurer

2019/20 Teacher Training 200h

Yoga Teacher Training Bern

2009 fodac Tonia Schilling

Formation in afro-contemporain dance

Be You Yoga Düdingen | Murten, Lotus Mudra

"Be kind to yourself.

And then let your kindness

flood the world"

Pema Chödrön​

Be You Yoga Düdingen | Murten, Reversed Anjali Mudra
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